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Free 2 Day Bootcamp

Learn Everything You Need To Know About Building A Career In Arbitration

Free 2 day Bootcamp on Arbitration
(22nd – 23rd January 2022)

Our expert members will be having in-depth discussion about Arbitration Laws and building a career in the same.
In this Bootcamp, you will get to interact first hand with our experts and get a personal-interactive chance to gain clarity on Arbitration as a career and the process of building the same.

Online certificate will be provided to all participants.

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Basics of building a career in Arbitration

  1. Difference between commercial litigation and arbitration
  2. The recent upward trend in arbitration as a dispute resolution method 
  3. What does an arbitration lawyer do? 
  4. What are the essential skills of a successful arbitration lawyer 
  5. How essential is the knowledge and skill of arbitration to a young lawyer wanting to build career as a commercial lawyer?
  6. Differentiation in the Arbitration law taught in college and in its practice, how to cover this gap? 
  7. Is basic understanding of the legislation and important cases enough for me to expect good internships or jobs?
  8. How do I enhance my resume – what are the essentially sought qualifications, achievement or skills sought in an intern and for prospective recruitment?
  9. What is the value of participating in arbitration moots toward gaining knowledge and further opportunities? 
  10. Between moot courts and research publications – which of the two provides better impetus for prospective recruitment? 
  11. If I want to build a career in arbitration, starting with a senior lawyer or starting with a law firm – which of the two would be a better option?


Prospects of International career in Arbitration

  1. How to shape career as an international arbitration lawyer, what are the future prospects as an international arbitrator? 
  2. How can I work on international commercial arbitration matters in Singapore, Dubai, the US, London and other regions? What is different about international commercial arbitration?
  3. What are the qualification & skill difference between an arbitration & mediation lawyer? 
  4. What is Institutional Arbitration? How can I represent India in global arbitrations? 
  5. What are the prospects for an International career with foreign law firms as an arbitration lawyer? 
  6. How can I work with International Arbitration Institutions like International Chambers of Commerce (ICC), London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) or Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC)


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