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#LedX Internship Programme

At LedX,

We look for dedication loyalty, passion and an inclination for thinking outside the box. If you think you have these personality traits and seek to find a career that challenges you, inspires you and build you for the future.

What Do We Look For In An Intern?

  • Past Experience of previous internships will be deemed an important criterion for selection of candidates
  • The applicant must be able to think on their feet and come up with new and innovative ideas. Someone who enjoys giving their own inputs instead of simple completion of instructions.
  • The applicant needs to be able to multi-task, since they will be interacting with different departments and will be given multiple tasks.
  • We require someone who is dynamic, disciplined a quick thinker and someone who is completely dedicated and focused on their tasks

We Expect All Of Our Interns To Adhere To The Following Code Of Conduct

Timing & Availability

Interns must be able to dedicate a 5-hour window when they will be available online to undertake internship work and report their progress.
Additionally, in furtherance to this daily 5-hour window, the applicant can be flexible for their schedule for the day as long as they meet their deadlines. Offline interns will have working hours from 10:00 am – 6:30 pm


The working needs to be organized and a clear hierarchy of reporting and accountability to be followed is expected of the students.
Your reporting authority will be informed to you at the time of your joining and you will be expected to maintain an accountability sheet for the tasks you undertake and their progress.

Working Days

The working days are Monday-Saturday, except exceptional circumstance
when due to some urgent tasks one might be asked to be available on Sunday as well.


A notice in advanced should be given to your reporting authority and the HR when you
will not be available and choose to take a leave. Unapproved absences for more than 3 continuous days may result in termination.

Platforms For Communication

The formal platform of communication will be the official email account of the company;
all official and professional communication must be done over the same. Messaging apps like WhatsApp will be considered a secondary medium of communication except under exceptional circumstances.

Confidentiality Clause

communication made in any official capacity is strictly confidential
in nature and breach of the same may result in formal action.

Non-compete Clause

No person working as an intern of LedX can be actively or conceitedly
be involved in creation or management of an organization that can be termed as a direct competitor in the core service area of the company.


Violation of this code shall be deemed as misconduct and may
lead to termination or blacklisting of the violator.

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