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The Combo offer

Super Law Combo offers once in a life time opportunity to shape your career in the most dynamic and fastest growing vertical of the Gaming and Gambling Law. It comprehensively and innovatively deals with the concepts of Gaming & Gambling and the law and society. This cutting-edge package provides Nine-fold benefits for the price of only one.

Course Objectives

Course Objectives

  • Deriving the most relevant and important concepts of Gaming and Gambling Laws in India and worldwide.
  • Acknowledging the framework and Enforcement Mechanism of Gaming and Gambling Laws.
  • Analysing the conceptual as well as practical aspect of the provisions of Gaming and Gambling Laws in India.
  • Consolidating the Landmark cases and controversies on Gaming and Gambling.
  • Understanding the evolution of law in the society.
  • Exploring the impact of social evil, social justice and welfare laws in society.

Learning Outcomes

  • Establish yourself as a successful layer in the gaming and gambling industry.
  • Evaluating and applying the provisions and doctrine of the Gaming and Gambling Laws to create a cohesive and persuasive argument, and to propose an effective design concept on the subject in hand.
  • Opening up new opportunities for growth and income in the Indian legal sector.
  • Applying basic research methods, data analysis, and interpretation in the field of evolution and application of law in the society and Gaming and Gambling Law.


Primary Takeaways

  • Devices of Gambling Games
  • Public Gambling Act, 1867
  • Current Status of Gambling: – Skilled Games and Unskilled Games,
  • Types of Gambling Games
  • Game of Chance vs Game of Skill
  • Governing legislation related to various categories of gambling
  • Central Legislations on Gaming and Gambling
  • Future of Virtual Gaming
  • Fundamental Concepts of Law and Society
  • Evolution of the Law
  • Social Evils in Society





Ms. Ananya Kumar

Gaming and Gambling Law (Interactive, H5P)

Dr. Azim Khan

Law & Society (Recorded Video Lecture Series)

Facts and Figures

Gaming and Gambling Sector

1. 100 billion Indian rupees: India’s online gaming industry value in the 2021.
2. Estimated to go up to over 153 billion rupees by 2024.
3. The value of mobile gaming industry in India is projected to reach about 405 million U.S.
dollars by the year 2022.
4. This marked a significant increase in the sector’s market value from about 266 million dollars in 2016.