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About the Courses

Just simply click on the pop up register button on entering the website put your name ,phone no, email and its done

As its an e-login you can share but ultimately it will hinder your course performance.

There is no age requirement learners of all age group can enroll themselves

Yes, there are many courses which a learner can access for free without paying any sort of subscription fees

Everyone is eligible for LedX no such requirement is needed

Yes, as you register on LedX you get counselling by the best to keep a view on the choice of your course

Law is a part every individual’s daily life so any person from any educational background can take courses offered from us

We provide a variety of 50+courses with around 250+ Hours of duration

Yes the courses are also available offline, All you gotta do is just download the courses if you a subscribed learner.

A learner recieves a Blockchain certificate backed up by LedX’s brand new technology

Yes,the course are accredited.

Yes if your college counts certification courses for credits then definitely they count for college credits

From Constitutional Law to the newly emerging areas of Air&Space Law & Sports law we offer a variety of 50+ subjects

Yes there are assessments in each course on achieving the passing criteria the learner gets the certified course complete.

Yes we offer courses in packages & bundles also A learner can create their own customized package

Course are available 24×7 Learners can stream & download the courses from anywhere anytime throughout the globe

Any progress made by a learner can be checked in My Account

According to the need of learners a peraonalized course experience can be created for him fitting to his needs. For Ex:- Time availability, Length of the course , Language of the course

Yes there is a cancellation fee involved if someone cancels there subscription

Courses start from ₹2000 to ₹7000 but dont worry there are always discounts and redeemable coupons available for your benifit

Yes A learner can get monthly subscription for ₹___ and annual subscription for ₹___

Absolutely referral programme helps the learner get exciting discounts for both of them

Yes if a learner puts wrong password in max. attempts then the account would be temporarily blocked

Penalty fees differs from course to course

Yes for any problem you are facing you can call us on our toll free no. 8819933390.

You can call our customer support register your problem we will get the concerned ledxpert to you within 4 hours of time span