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Super Law Combo offers once in a life time opportunity to shape your career in the most dynamic and fastest growing vertical of the Gaming and Gambling Law. It comprehensively and innovatively deals with the concepts of Gaming & Gambling and the law and society. This cutting-edge package provides eight-fold benefits for the price of only one.

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Certification Interactive Course: Gaming and Gambling Law

Certification Course: Law and Society

Live Class: Gaming and Gambling Law

Bootcamp: Career Prospect In Gaming Gambling Laws

Ms. Ananya Kumar
Visiting professor at GGSIP University
Gaming and Gambling Law (Interactive, H5P)
Dr. Azim Khan
Dean , Vijaybhoomi University , Mumbai
Law & Society (Recorded Video Lecture Series)

Course Objectives

  • Deriving the most relevant and important concepts of Gaming and Gambling Laws in India and worldwide.
  • Acknowledging the framework and Enforcement Mechanism of Gaming and Gambling Laws.
  • Analysing the conceptual as well as practical aspect of the provisions of Gaming and Gambling Laws in India.
  • Consolidating the Landmark cases and controversies on Gaming and Gambling.
  • Understanding the evolution of law in the society.
  • Exploring the impact of social evil, social justice and welfare laws in society

Terms & Conditions

Certificate will be provided after successful completion of the course.

New Battlefield for Lawyers: Gaming and Gambling Law